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#pnr - Sojourn With A Stranger - A ghost haunts the manor

"I loved the characters and the journey's they both went to find each other in the end. Great read."
Amazon Reader

"Sojourn with a Stranger was refreshing change. This is one you don't want to pass up!" Amazon Reader

"Sojourn With A Stranger has a slightly gothic air with ghosts, and witches of the tea-leaf reading, herbal-potion brewing kind. I loved how the paranormal aspects of the book were in keeping with the historical time period." Amazon Reader

About Sojourn With A Stranger 

A ghost haunts the halls of Stafford House. When Raine Brinsley arrives and accepts a position as a house servant, the ghost is determined to let Raine know who murdered her. Derek and Lyman Stafford race against time to produce the first male heir and secure the title to Stafford House. The brothers will do anything to win…including murder.

A dark, Gothic novel with romance, mystery, suspense and thrills.

Excerpt: (Derek offers Raine a large sum of money to bear his child).

Derek dropped into an overstuffed divan opposite Raine. He pulled the leather pouch and brown envelope from his vest pocket, and placed them on the oak table separating them. She looked between the pouch and his face.
"I'm not certain how to begin." He wrung his clammy hands. Damn, this is more difficult than I imaged. "We had a discussion several evenings past in the garden?”
"I remember.”
"I explained my father’s desire to obtain a male heir and my inability to produce one thus far?”
Dark green eyes searched his. "Yes.”
"You're a beautiful woman with a significant amount of intellect and a variety of coveted traits and talents."
"Thank you, but you hardly know me."
"That's true." The words managed to slip out his dry throat. “However, what I've witnessed since your arrival exceeds my highest expectations."
"You're in a difficult situation.” He forced a smile. "I'm prepared to offer you a way out."
"A way out of what, Derek? I’m not understanding―"
"Hear me out, please." Rising from the chair, he paced before her. "I realize the arrangement will seem outrageous at first, even obtuse, but I've thought a great deal about it since our meeting in the garden. I took the liberty of consulting an expert."
"An expert? Whatever for?”
A nervous giggle left her lips. "I'm not following you. Perhaps you should come right out and tell me what arrangement you're alluding to."
The seconds ticked away on the mantle clock, sounding like a thousand crickets had breached the room. "Yes, I'm trying to get to the point of all this." He stopped pacing and held onto the back of his chair. "Here's the way of it. You need to earn enough money to return to your grandfather in Maine. I, on the other hand, need a son.”
Her brow furrowed.
“I'm offering you freedom in the long run. In exchange, I want to have a child with you, preferably, a male.” The words rushed forth. “However, if you’re delivered of a female, I’ll love and accept her just the same.”
An audible gasp fell from her lips. "Oh, but I can’t accept a proposal of marriage from a virtual stranger. It would be most unfair to both―”
Good, God, she thinks I’m offering marriage? Marriage? “No, that is, you misunderstood my proposal. I’m not suggesting we marry.”
Her eyes widened.
Walking to the table with a tentative gait, he picked up the envelope. “More money than you could earn in a lifetime is in here. I'm offering half now and the other half when the contract has been met."
She looked at the envelope and then at him, her tone icy. “How much is in the envelope?"
"Five thousand dollars."

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