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#Author Hebby Roman from COME LOVE A COWBOY is here!

Welcome Hebby Romance – One of the authors in COME LOVE A COWBOY.

I first wrote because I love reading so much. I wrote a book at the age of 10--it was 100 pages long and I did research on it and set it in Montana. It was about my favorite thing then, horses, which I still love. I had a young girl catch and tame a wild mustang. When I got much older, I took up writing again because I wanted to write about what I love to read, romance books. And in the beginning, I particularly loved historical romance, but I've branched out now. So, you could say my love of reading is what inspired me to write. Even now, I seldom go to bed before reading first, it's my own special treat at the end of the day.

I write romance, both contemporary and historical. I believe I enjoy writing romance because of the happy endings. We seldom have happy endings in real life, so the draw of knowing a book will end on a happy note is especially sweet.

My genre of choice to read is two-fold. Of course, I read romance. But because I started out writing historical romance, I also read historical fiction, along with reference books on history. I decided a few years back to write a medieval romance, "The Princess and the Templar," and as a result, I had to do a lot of research on the Middle Ages. Now, I'm kind of hooked and like to read historical fiction accounts of that time period.

I used to say my favorite book of all time was "Gone With the Wind." However, upon yet another reading, my favorite book of all time, which is supposedly a historical fiction book but the romance in it is soooo awesome, that I cry and cry every time I read it. The book is "Here Be Dragons," by Sharon Kay Penman about Llewellyn the Great, the last Welch prince and the woman, Joanna, who he married, who was a bastard child of John (of Magna Carta fame). It is the most sweet and touching romance I've ever read.

If I won a cruise, I would definitely want it to be a Mediterranean cruise. Again, because of all the history at the ports of call in Italy and the coast of France and Greece. I believe it would be a fascinating place to visit. All of civilized life in the West got its start around the Mediterranean.

I would like to teach again, if I didn't have the discipline problems. I enjoyed the few years that I taught, especially when I worked one-on-one with the students and could see the light bulb go off in their heads when they finally got a concept. I taught Algebra, most students' least favorite subject. But it was still very rewarding when I could help the students with their work.

My story in "Come Love A Cowboy" is a called, "Border Affair," and it's a sequel to a traditionally published print book that Kensington published in 2000, called "Border Heat." I was honored back then when "Border Heat," was selected for the LA Times Book Festival, something that rarely happened for romance books in those days. "Border Affair" shows the daughter of the couple from "Border Heat," and her infatuation with her parents' ranching partner, who is also a petroleum geologist and considerably older than her. The heroine in "Border Affair," has to grow into a mature woman and come to grips with her childhood crush for the hero. Then they have to see if their relationship is just a fleeting affair or if it has real staying power, so yes, they definitely have obstacles to overcome.

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Thank you, Keta, for hosting me at your blog.

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Hebby Roman said...

Keta, thank you for featuring me at your blogsite today. I appreciate you letting me talk about why I write and what made me want to write the book in our anthology, "Border Affair." I believe our anthology is a classic! All the stories are so well written and with such divergent places and themes, being a part of our anthology has been a great experience!

Keta Diablo said...

Hi Hebby,

So good to read about your wonderful story Border Affair in Come Love A Cowboy. We had such fun writing and sharing our stories during the process. Thanks so much for being a part of it.

If you haven't read Come Love A Cowboy yet, we'd love for you to do so. I think you'll find an eclectic variety of alpha cowboys and the women who loved them!

Thanks again, Hebby, and wishing you much success in all future writing endeavors,

~ Keta ~

Patti Sherry-Crews said...

Hi Hebby and Keta! I loved working with you on Come Love a Cowboy. Hebby, I enjoyed the Latin flair in your story. And I didn't know you wrote Medieval! I just wrote my first one and loved it so much, I want to write more. We'll have to talk ;-)

Andrea Downing said...

Hebby, it was such a pleasure to work with you and I loved your story in Come Love a Cowboy. I hope we can do it again sometime.

kathleenball said...

Great boxed set!!