Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Welcome Trinity Blacio - Searching For the Perfect Mate

Please help me welcome Trinity Blacio and her latest release: Searching For the Perfect Mate (Prequel to  the Running In Fear series).

*Released with new material.

About the Book:
In Searching for The Perfect Mate: Remi’s Story, the prequel to best-selling author Trinity Blacio’s Running in Fear series, Alpha shapeshifter Remi LeBlathe has only one thing on his mind tonight—sex. Unfortunately, he can’t enjoy his latest ménage a trois near as much as he’d like to because he knows there’s someone out there who is his true soul mate.

Life can change in a matter of moments, as it does for him as he finds himself searching for his perfect mate in the most unlikely of places.

Remi LeBlathe walked through the crowded street. He watched a couple in an intimate conversation at a bistro-style table. Why couldn't he find someone? He had thought for sure that Lucy was the one, but his wolf barely put up with her as he fucked her. No, he had no problem getting laid—hell, women lined up to get a chance to have him because of his size. Along with this advantage came the nicknames like “Mammoth,” and “the Beast” being the most recent one.

Ever since his last killing of a drug lord that had trespassed on his land, the new nickname had spread throughout his pack. He needed intimacy, the emotional kind that his one night stands lacked. Someone who wasn’t afraid of him. A woman who could bring peace to his life. Maybe, if he was very lucky, tonight his search would be over.

Remi stopped and looked back at the couple, a pair of his wolves, cuddling at the table, just watching people move past them. He reached up and ran his hand through his blond hair, pulling it back into a ponytail, as he once more focused on his way to his club. Would she be his mate? That one person destined for him. He wanted what his brother now had with his mate Jaycee, but he wouldn’t be another man’s bitch like Pierre. He’d have his own when the time came. Remi grunted and adjusted his cock thinking of the little round redhead he had seen from afar. Yes, his brother had done well with her. The Taming Shrew Club came into view when he turned the corner and crossed the street. He had visited the member’s only club a few times before buying it. Since his best friend, Dane was now mated, he hoped Lance was there to play tonight, but he would still miss his dear friend, Dane.

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Thanks so much for stopping by today, Trinity. Luv the cover for Searching For the Perfect Mate. ~Keta~

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Keta Diablo said...

Hey Trinity, thanks so much for stopping by!

Love the cover for Searching For the Perfect Mate and we're wishing you lots of success with this new release.