Sunday, September 17, 2017

What The Heck Is Up With All The #Ghosts!

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I want to tell you about a podcast I listened to the other day called "Taking Stock of Your Back List". We always learn something new from other authors, but imagine my surprise when I took stock of my back list and discovered something about my writing I hadn't realized before...many of my books have a GHOST theme (or at least a ghost character). The books were not written in the same time span and have no connection to one another.

Talk about eerie! Guess I have a subconscious 'penchant' for otherwordly beings.

Here are just three from my back list (come back again to see more!) where a ghost/spirit/apparition happened to walk on stage.

Sojourn With A Stranger
Soon after Raine Brinsley secures employment as a servant at Stafford House she realizes something is amiss at the manor. Someone set candles ablaze in her bedchamber and do they spell out a word? Eerie pounding on her window, accompanied by a freezing blast of wind, often awakens her at night. One night, she returns to her room and sees an apparition lying on her bed. Could this be the late wife of Derek Stafford, and what is the ghostly vision in white trying to tell her?

Released from prison, Coy Santos returns to the childhood home he hasn't seen in fifteen years. Imagine his surprise to find that his parents passed on years ago, and his brother, Cain, recently lost his life in an accident. No matter how pretty his brother's widow is, he isn't staying to help her save the homestead, and who is she always talking to in her bedchamber at night? 

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Chasing The Dead
An evil ghost bent on revenge tracks an Indian maiden and second-chance lovers across New Mexico.

"Ghost and Evil Spirits, Oh My! Talk about one exciting adventurous story - WOW!" Amazon reviewer

"I was pleasantly surprised to see that this wasn't just a western romance. It also has paranormal (GHOST) elements as well. That's not the only reason I would rate this a 5 star book." Amazon reviewer

I think I have to face it...ghosts fascinate me. I hope you'll stop back next week to learn about some of my other #ghost books!


Lisabet Sarai said...

Hi, Keta,

Looks like you have lots of books to promo for Halloween.

Janet Lane Walters said...

Ghost stories are fun. Amazing how sometimes we pick up on a theme without realizing what we're doing