Sunday, October 29, 2017

Wise Words Your Mother Might Have Said - Week 4

Wise Words Your Mother Might Have Said
Forgive Yourself For Your Mistakes

Author: You're really beating yourself up because you missed the deadline on that book. 
Reader: You're berating yourself because you missed the list of books you pledged to read this year.

Anyone: You hurt someone in your inner circle of friends. 

Remember, you're human and there isn't a human on the planet who hasn't made mistakes, hurt someone or committed a major faux pas. 

Maybe the tidbits and quotes from professionals below will help you how learn how to forgive yourself. Forgiving yourself for your misdeeds will set you free, bring you peace and, at the same time, improve your health (calm your nervous system).

In order to forgive ourselves, we first have to admit to ourselves that we blew it. We have to take ownership and acknowledge the flaw or mistake—and that feels almost counter to our sense of survival!

Appreciate your missteps for what they are: a stepping stone on your path.

So, how do we learn to forgive ourselves for the things we have done and for the things we have not? Well, self-forgiveness needs to be specific; it needs to be for something we have actually done, not for who or what we are. To forgive ourselves means accepting that there are things we cannot change as well as realizing that there is much that we can. The key here is to know when to stop berating yourself, make amends with the person you are and then tell yourself that you forgive yourself. 

To release that part of your past that you need to forgive, it’s helpful to remember that we’re all doing the best we can in any moment. If you had known that your action would cause pain to others or yourself, you probably wouldn't have done it, right? And even if you knew that you were causing damage at the time, you had no idea how much you would regret it in the future.

Retain what you learned from the event but release everything else. If you don’t love and appreciate yourself, somehow you have to get your relationship with YOU to be more positive.

"One forgives to the degree that one loves." - Francois de La Rochefoucauld

"The chief trick to making good mistakes is not to hide them—especially not from yourself." - Daniel Dennett

"Forgiveness means letting go of the past." - Gerald Jampolsky

God May forgive your since, but your nervous system wont.: Alfred Kirzybsk

Keta's book of the Week - .99 cents!

Three For the Win
A Contemporary Western Romance 

* Small town
* Love Triangle 
* Alpha Male
*Second Chance Love

About Three for The Win
I’ve loved Hollis forever, it seems.
I meant to tell her so many times but always chickened out. 
Then Stede rode into town on his big shiny motorcycle and saved my life.
Hollis fell hard for him. I get that, what’s not to love about Stede? 
I watched and waited, hoped whatever they felt for one another would pass.
It didn’t, and now Stede’s hot head has landed him in trouble…again.

I should have known better than to fall for a bone-melting man like Stede Marrow.
A man who hides everything about his past.
I know Stede loves me and I know he loves Eli too, like a brother.
Stede’s gone now and Eli’s here to pick up the pieces of my broken life.

I should have kept on riding after I saved Eli at the creek.                  
But then I saw Hollis and forgot about that road up ahead.
I wanted to tell her why I’m running and who I am.
But I haven’t even told Eli. It’s safer that way.
I said I’d never go back to that hick town, swore I’d forget about Hollis.

I didn’t bank on her being so damn unforgettable.

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