Monday, November 6, 2017


Wise Words Your Mother Might Have Said - Week 5
"Choose a Tranquil, Serene Place to Read or Write"

My Dream Nook

Almost everyone has their nose stuck in a book or a computer these days . I'm always on the lookout for a great place to read or write and usually it's outside (weather permitting). Certain criteria must be met before I can put my thoughts aside and delve into a book or write a scene.

I'm interested in hearing about where you like to read and write.

My Imagination at Work
(I'm such a Shabby Chic girl)

* Are you the kind of person who reads/writes a chapter or two while riding the subway?
*  Must you have complete harmonic stillness to read or write?
* Do you spend your lunch break reading or writing in the park?
* Do you head for your local bookstore and curl up in a chair to write or read?

When I was a teen, I'd cuddle up on the porch swing with my latest book. Perfect conditions would include a slight breeze, sunshine, and solitude, except for the sounds of nature.

Now, (with pen and notebook in hand) I'd head over to a lovely, local botanical garden and sit on one of the benches scattered throughout. We're not talking a small garden plot here with several rows of flowers -- no, we're talking about an entire City block of trees, flowering shrubs and plants. The kewl thing about this garden (other than its beauty) is that a man built it for his wife who passed on ten years prior. She loved flowers and this is his tribute to her. Romantic, huh?

Now that I spend so much time writing, most of my reading time happens at home, and usually in bed before I drift off to dreamland for the night.

 Only In My Dreams

How about you? Tell us about your favorite place to read or write and what criteria must be met before you can lose yourself in another world?

Keta's Book of the Week

Sojourn With A Stranger
A Haunting, Gothic Novel (Romance)
*ghostly spirits
This book has been a bestseller!

About Sojourn With A Stranger
A ghost haunts the halls of Stafford House. When Raine Brinsley arrives and accepts a position as a house servant, the ghost is determined to let Raine know who murdered her. Meanwhile, The lord of the manor, Derek Stafford, attempts to convince Raine to bear his child for a large sum of money. She needs the funds to return to her ailing grandfather in Maine and yet, something is terribly wrong at Stafford House...and possibly with the man himself. 

Derek and Lyman Stafford race against time to produce the first male heir in order to secure the title to Stafford House. The brothers will do anything to win…including murder. Will Raine submit to Derek's offer and live a life of luxury or will she meet the same fate as his late wife?

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