Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Do You Believe in #GHOSTS?

I bet you're wondering about my title up there and why I'm blogging about ghosts. Admit it, you're curious, aren't you?

First, last week everyone was talking on-line and sharing an image dubbed the Cloud Angel. The story behind it is also interesting. A man and his wife from Texas were driving down the highway when they saw this cloud in the sky. The man said he and his wife were going through some difficulties and seeing the image of an angel brought them peace. "It was God's way of saying everything will be all right." I don't know...looks an awful lot like an angel to me.

Second, a few weeks ago, I was looking through my back list of books and said, Oh. My. Gosh. Keta. You write about ghosts all the time.They are all ROMANCE stories, however.

I've always been drawn to ghost stories--other people's, or so I thought. But I never realized until that day how many of my stories include a ghost. There are a hundred articles with the title, Are Ghosts Real? or Do You Believe in Ghosts? Keep reading to see some of my ghost stories listed below.

One of my favorites articles about ghosts is the little piece below. The creator doesn't give his opinion but leaves open the question of whether ghosts exist for you to decide. I felt better after reading this because according to him "ghosts are mentioned in thousands and thousands of stories" (lol - including mine). Credit must go to Wonderoplolis for their story about ghosts below.  I hope you enjoy it!
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Ghosts can run the gamut from friendly ghosts, like Casper, to seriously sinister ghouls that want to haunt your dreams. But they're just figments of your imagination, right? Ghosts aren't real, are they?

Ghosts have been around for a long, long time. From the Bible to Shakespeare's Macbeth, you'll find ghosts mentioned in thousands upon thousands of stories. They're so prevalent that they actually have their own genre: the ever-popular ghost story.

It's only natural to WONDER about what happens when someone dies. Does any part of that person live on? Could the spirit hang around this world and interact with the living? Who wouldn't want to believe that a loved one might remain close by, looking over the living?

Many people believe ghosts are indeed real. Experts believe ghosts are the most common paranormal belief in the world. Some experts estimate that as many as one-half of all Americans believe in ghosts. Researchers point to the presence of over 2,000 amateur ghost-hunting groups in the United States as further proof of the popularity of ghosts in American culture.

Why do so many people believe in ghosts? One reason is that many people claim to have personal experiences with ghosts. You don't have to look far to find people who believe that, at one time or another, they've felt the presence of a ghost.

Do any of these paranormal experiences have any solid basis in scientific fact, though? That's where the difficulty in evaluating the reality of ghosts comes in. It becomes very hard to discredit personal experiences. Moreover, there is no clear definition of what most people agree a ghost is. Are they mental? Spiritual? Physical? A mixture of these?

** What do you think: mental, spiritual, physical or a mixture? Let me know in the comment section below.**

Ghost hunters usually try to use a variety of technological scientific equipment to detect the presence of ghosts. Typical equipment might include Geiger counters, Electromagnetic Field (EMF) detectors, ion detectors, infrared cameras, and super-sensitive microphones.

Despite the use of such equipment, there are still no scientifically-verified cases of ghost detection. Of course, many ghost hunters would claim that this makes sense, since we can't expect the tools of this world to detect ghosts from the spirit world.

In the end, it's up to you to determine whether you believe ghosts are real. There's no scientific evidence for ghosts. Is this because ghosts don't exist? Or do we simply not have the technology to detect them?
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This could be a fun adventure if you want to be your own ghost hunter!
Could a library be haunted? Some believe that the Willard Library in Evansville, Indiana, is haunted by a ghost known as the Grey Lady. Jump online to check out Library Ghost  to learn more about the Grey Lady. Check out their webcams that show live shots around the library. Take a look. Can you spot the Grey Lady?

Do you believe in ghosts? Why or why not? Write down some of your thoughts about ghosts, including any personal experiences you may have had with paranormal phenomena.in the comment section below .

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Babs Hightower said...

Interesting post to make you think about life in general. I do believe in ghosts and think a lot of them are looking to move on as they have left things undone. I loved the post so many things to think about.

Keta Diablo said...

I obelieve in ghosts too. There are too many instances in life about spiritual activity to ignore. The Angel Cloud really fascinated me.
Thanks for dropping by, Keta