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Halloween Superstitions From Around the World - #ghosts #marriage & Apple Peelings #MFRWAuthor

WELCOME to day eight of my Blog Tour for Comes A Specter. Hope you'll stick around to read about superstitions on Halloween and how to enter my contest for 5 ebooks and 5 luxurious specialty bars of soap! 

Does Halloween Hold Superstitions For You?

Besides being a night when family members from many countries felt close to dead loved ones, Halloween has always been steeped in magic and mystery – and many superstitions. For friendly spirits, families would leave out table settings or place treats and candles on their own doorsteps or pathways to guide spirits.

Today's Halloween ghosts are considerably scarier and superstitions have evolved. Some avoid crossing the path of a black cat, for example, which stems from beliefs in the Middle Ages that witches avoided detection by turning themselves into cats, as well as from references in the Dark Ages when witchcraft was common and cats were seen as demonic pets gifted by the devil or, in some cases, the devil himself in disguise.

But many Halloween rituals have largely been forgotten, particularly traditions that focused on the future rather than death and morbidity. In contrast, many of these obsolete rituals focused on love; it was believed that on Halloween young women could divine the name or face of their future husband and, with luck, be married before the next Halloween.

!)  An 18th-century Irish cook might have buried a ring in her mashed potatoes to catch an unsuspecting diner.

2) Scottish women were told to write men's names on hazlenuts and toss them in the fire to see which name burned to ashes rather than popping.

3) Women from Europe ate a sugary mix of walnuts, hazelnuts and nutmeg before bed on Halloween so they could dream their future husband's face

4) Women from many countries used to toss apple-peels over their shoulders to see if they fell in the shape of a future husband's initial.

And..we're celebrating the release of my new book COMES A SPECTER, Book 2, Ghostland Series This book is very appropriate for Halloween because like many of my books, it features a  ghost!

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About Comes A Specter

Six months ago, Anya Fleming's ten- year-old son, Willie-boy, found his father hanging in the barn. Traumatized over his father's suicide, the boy hasn't spoken a word since. Now, Willie-boy has come down with a grave, unknown illness and there's only one man who can save him, Sutter Sky, a learned Blackfoot shaman known as Yellow Smoke—a shaman who was once deeply in love with Anya.

But Fate had other plans for Anya and Sutter—she was forced to marry Lewis Fleming, a cruel man who berated her night and day, and brokenhearted Sutter immersed himself in the mystical customs and beliefs of his People and became a shaman
As if Anya didn't have enough to deal with after her husband's death and son's illness, an evil, sinister ghost is terrorizing their ranch. Anya is convinced the spirit is Lewis, who apparently isn't done making her life miserable.
When she turns to Yellow Smoke for help, will he put side his bitterness and save Willie-boy? And can the renowned shaman dispel the powerful ghost from their lives and send him back to Hades?

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