Thursday, June 20, 2019

Proof Demons Have Existed For Centuries and 13 FREE #ebooks

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While doing research for I SPY A DEMON, I came across not only numerous articles about demons, but biblical passages confirming demons have existed for
centuries. And...many believe, even today, an evil spirit world exists all around us.

According to biblical tradition, Satan, or the Devil, was an archangel who was cast out of heaven when he rebelled against God. Apparently, he took a sizeable number of the angels with him. These fallen angels are what are referred to as demons. Of course, the demons instantly recognize Jesus when he comes across them on earth They remember him from glory and know His presence could mean he will pass judgment on them.

SCENE from I Spy A Demon

Cecily is desperately searching for answers about her brother's death. While thumbing though Calder's journal, she finds dates, locations and finally, names that are unfamiliar to her. One name in particular catches her attention...LEGION - "For we are Legion".

Cecily searches the Internet for the term and arrives at a biblical passage describing Jesus' encounter with demons. With her heart in her throat, she continues reading:

From the Gospel of Mark:

In the country of the Gerasenes, Jesus encounters a possessed man and calls on the demon to emerge from his tomb. Jesus demands to know the man's name – an important element of traditional exorcisms. 

He finds the man is possessed by a multitude of demons when he claims his name is "Legion" ("For we are Legion", he says). The demon fears Jesus will drive them out of the world and into the abyss so they beg him instead to send them into a herd of pigs. "Go," Jesus said and and points to a large of herd of swine by the lake. After the demon joins them, the pigs then rush into the sea and are drowned.

There are many biblical passages concerning demons, which I found fascinating. As indicated above, many people believe demons share our world and are all around us. Whether you believe in demons or not, I hope you'll pre-order A DARKER SHADE OF EVIL: A Demon and Devil Anthology

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