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This Week's Word/s - in die vindictae - What do they mean?

Welcome to this Weeks' Word, or in this case WORDS.

In Die Vindictae
Which means in Latin:  Day of Revenge

This term has been used repeatedly in history and in the present time. 
Most recently you can find a song with the title Die Vindictae, by Phil Rey. From the album Kingdom of Illusions, this is an urgent, suspenseful rendition and pleasant to listen to: HERE

You can also find mention of In Die Vindictae in biblical references, specifically in The Expanded Text of Ecclesiasticus (if you care to dig into it that deeply). 

It's an interesting term because so many books, movies, plays and writings include the theme of 'revenge'. Here's a few examples from some great writers who wrote about revenge (and include the word in the title)

Of course, there's a gazillion books with the theme of revenge where the word isn't included in the title. 

My Gothic Romance novel, SOJOURN WITH A STRANGER contains a huge revenge theme, although the word is not in the title. 

The hour is upon us, the day is fading fast.
The maiden's made her choices; his seeds will soon be cast.
A male comes to the manor, with eyes of emerald green.
Raise the goblets; wave the banners, the Stafford heir undoes the scheme.


Setup: In this scene Lyman, Derek's brother, intends to seek his revenge on Raine for carrying his brother's child and, thereby, producing the first mail heir at Stafford House. Lyman convinces the Voodoo Priestess, Zaira to prepare a lethal concoction for Raine. With any luck, the potent herbs will kill the baby she carries, and her too. 




"I am prepared to pay a handsome stipend for your services, Zaira." He clasped his hands together and rocked back on his heels. "Call it a token of my appreciation."

She eyed him with suspicion. "What do I have to do?"

"Prepare a few teensy tinctures, nothing more. The same ones you prepared for our dear departed Lucinda."

"I won't do it. It's too late."

"Come now, Zaira, one tiny vial, that's all." He could not allow the bastard to come forth. Relaxing his stance, he lapsed into his charming tone. "I am prepared to double the amount."

She delivered the words at a snail's pace, aggravating him further. "You don't understand, Lyman."

"Enlighten me, what don't I comprehend?"

"The leaves have spoken; the plan set into motion long ago." Pausing she continued, "Wave the banners, the Stafford heir undoes the scheme."
Crushing his anger, he attempted to remain calm. "And?"
Her small voice caused him to cock his ear. "There is nothing you can do to stop it. The heir will arrive."

"Listen, bitch! You will prepare the tincture or I will strangle you, do you hear me, Zaira? I will deliver the poison to the emerald-eyed whore myself. If it aborted Lucinda's sniveling brats, the herbs will abort hers."

"I will prepare one, but don't darken my door ever again."

He smelled victory. "A trade, then. I swear to never call upon you again, but to ensure success, double the strength."

"No, Lyman, the remedy would kill the woman."

"Perfect!" He clapped his hands. "Let it kill the little slut." Advancing on her, he curled his hands around her neck. "Now are you going to prepare the tincture or must I kill you too?"

"Unhand me, you fool. If you kill me, you have no chance of success."

He shoved her toward the cupboard where she kept the vials. "Do not press me. You never know what I am capable of."

Zaira poured a drop of this and a drop of that into a vial, swished it around, and looked at the contents. 

"More," Lyman said.

She repeated the process, slid the stopper in, and handed it to him. With questioning eyes, she held her hand out.

"Oh, very well." He tossed the coin on the table. "I warn you, priestess, if the oil doesn't work, I return. You will pray for death before I'm finished with you."


* * *


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