Saturday, February 15, 2020

Welcome to #SatSpanks - Cradle of Dreams - #eroticrom #timetravel

Welcome to Saturday Spankings. This is my first time participating in this blog hop. Since I have several #eroticromance #ebooks that involve spanking, I couldn't resist signing up. 

Don't forget to visit all the blogs on the list below to read excerpts from their books! If you like corporal discipline with a little spanking tossed in for excitement, I think you'll enjoy visiting the other authors included in the blog hop. 

The "DREAMS" trilogy (Cradle of Dreams, Whisper of Dreams, Scoundrel of Dreams) have several tropes in common: Time Travel (who doesn't love to travel back in time?), Erotic Romance, Suspense, and Second-Chance love.

The first book in the series, Cradle of Dreams is a short read but packed with passion, romance and  suspense. What happens to the woman who was injured in the opening chapter, and what happens when she travels back in time and meets the one man who turns her blood to liquid fire? 

About Cradle of Dreams: 

Roane Bradfield returns from the war with nightmares of every battle etched in his brain. But his worst nightmare comes true when he discovers the woman who promised to wait forever is betrothed to another man.

He’s been through living hell, has nothing more to lose other than the last shred of his sanity. He intends to confront Kendrick Moreland at Dowager Huggin’s Grand Ball, and when the perfect opportunity lands in his lap, he whisks the treacherous wanton into a secluded library. He will know the reason Kendrick cut him from his life with such callous disregard.

She might be wearing a betrothal ring on her slender finger, but her traitorous body tells him it’s not over between them. As far as he’s concerned, it will never be over between them.

*Scorchingly hot trilogy
* Featuring Calypso, the time-traveling feline
* Stories can be read as stand-alones and do not contain a cliffhangers.
“The author was able to transport me back to 1865 with just a few words. I felt like I was at the ball and wished I was in the library rather than Kendrick. Roane proved himself to be quite the Alpha man: See. Want. Take.”

Reader's will love her characters and will want to know more about their lives and their world they live in, I know I do. What made this a magical story was Roane's determination to get to the woman he loved and claim her before she was married to someone else.”
Her eyes widened as she stared into his with fear and expectancy. She wanted him too; he felt it with every beat of his savage heart. He stalked toward her, lowered his head and captured her mouth. Devouring her lips was like laying claim to heaven. Velvety smooth, they moved against his. He didn’t have to force her lips apart to gain what he sought. The moment he ran his tongue over her bottom lip, she allowed him access.
Breaking from the kiss, he held her back from him. “Take off your dress. Do it now before I rip the damn garment from your body.”

“You’re not serious!”

“Oh, no? I shall count to three. If you intend to salvage the dress, I suggest you remove it.


Her fingers trembled when she slipped the dress from her shoulders. His mind

screamed: Soon she will be mine; heart, soul, and body. Excruciating pain shot through him when her foot connected with his groin.  Contemplating the feel of his rod inside her, he had let his guard down, trusted her.

She bolted toward the door, fumbling with the gown near her shoulders. Despite the pain, Roane lunged through the air and took her down by an ankle. He couldn’t allow her to walk from this room. Their bodies tumbled about the rug, her kicking and clawing, him doing his best to keep her flailing arms from scratching his eyes out. Near the settee, he managed to haul her to her feet, turn her around and hold her against him. Her breaths came in pants and a quiet sob escaped.
Long moments passed and neither spoke. Finally, on a whisper her words reached him. “I can’t reach the buttons.”


Kathryn R. Blake said...

This sounds intriguing. I need to check it out. Thanks for posting. Loved the excerpt.

PK said...

Very interesting premise! I be reading more.

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