Sunday, March 29, 2020

COZY Nooks for #Reading and #Writing

My Dream Nook

Almost everyone has their nose stuck in a book these days -- or a Kindle Fire or a Nook.  I'm always looking for a great place to read outside (weather permitting) and a certain criteria has to be met before I can put my thoughts aside and delve into a book.

I'm interested in hearing about where you like to read.


My Imagination at Work
(I'm such a Shabby Chic girl)
* Are you the kind of person who grabs a chapter or two on the subway?
*  Must you have complete harmonic stillness to read?
* Or do you spend your lunch break reading in the park?
* Do you head for your local bookstore (if it hasn't been closed) and curl up in a chair?

When I was a teen, I'd cuddle up on the porch swing with my latest book. Perfect conditions would include a slight breeze, sunshine, and solitude, except for the sounds of nature.

Once in a while I head over to a lovely, local botanical garden and sit on one of the benches scattered throughout. We're not talking a small garden plot here with several rows of flowers -- no, we're talking about an entire City block of trees, flowering shrubs and plants. The kewl thing about this garden (other than its beauty) is  a man built it for his wife who passed on ten years ago. She loved flowers and this is his tribute to her. Romantic, huh?

Now that I spend so much time writing, most of my reading time happens at home, and usually in bed before I drift off to dreamland for the night.

How about you? Tell us about your favorite place to read and what criteria must be met before you can lose yourself in another world?

During this horrific nightmare we're living through with the Corona Virus, I hope you'll find some respite and peace through enoying your family more, playing board games, talking long walks and maybe curling up with some good books. 

I've got you covered because I write across the spectrum, you're sure to find something to enjoy!

Take a look at the genres below and click on the link.
NOTE: I've put all my books in Kindle Unlimited #FREE to #READ or just .99 cents!


Historical Romance

Contemporary Romance

The Sin Eater’s Prince (Vampires Werewolves Dragons)

Western Romance

Thanks so much for stopping by today. We can get through this nightmare together. Remember to distance yourself from large groups of people, wash your hands frequently and try hard not to touch any part of your face, 

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This is a flgreat post. Beautiful pictures and I would love my own reading spot
You mentioned all sound great!