Friday, April 24, 2020

Elderberry Syrup and #Covid19 Help! Immune System & Respiratory Health

Hi everyone,

My prayers and thoughts have been that you are all staying healthy during the Corona virus pandemic. It’s tough, I know. I haven’t seen my children or hugged my grandchildren in two months…and I really, really miss them!

Hope this newsletter cheers you up a little, and if you hang on until the end, you’ll find my recipe for Elderberry Syrup (which just might help you through the pandemic).

Have you read my novella A GHOST TO DIE FOR?

This is a contemporary romance with a GHOST. His name is Stuart and many readers found him quite humorous. There’s plenty of suspense and romance too.

About A Ghost to Die For:
Do you believe in ghosts? Rooney Fontaine doesn't—or didn't until one named Stuart Granger shows up in her hotel room. Now the humorous, yet desperate, apparition is begging her to find the men who murdered him before his brother becomes their next victim.

After serving three tours in Afghanistan and one in Iraq, Stephan Granger is no stranger to risk and peril. When a woman shows up at his house rambling about ghosts, murder and assassins, his first inclination is to deem her wrong in the head and send her packing. But how does she know things that happened to him and his dear departed brother in their childhoods, secrets they never shared with anyone?

Soon after he invites her in to hear more about what really happened to Stuart, gunfire splits the air and shatters all the windows in the house. Someone is trying to kill them. Now they're on the run from assassins while trying to find out who killed his brother and why they want him dead too.

Even amid murder and mayhem, sometimes you find love. 

"Do you believe in ghosts? If so, A GHOST TO DIE FOR by Keta Diablo will have you captivated while the hero and heroine deal with the fracking company who killed the hero's brother. Great story.”
"This is one paranormal with a terrific ghost."
"A really great story! I enjoyed the writing and the plot in A Ghost to Die For."
“Realistic murder mystery and plenty of action. I just loved all of the characters.”
“Then there was the #Ghost, killed by the corrupt big corporation over a lawsuit. He was just so lovable & funny.”


The Sin Eater’s Prince – Vampires, Werewolves, Gay Fiction, Set in Wales!

About The Sin Eater’s Prince Unlike the villagers, physician Andras Maddock has never shunned Owen, the Sin Eater. How can Andras ignore the one man he loves? Owen is stunned when Andras saves him from a gruesome death at the hands of vampire and then wonders how a simple man acquired supernatural powers?

Dagan, Dark Lord of the Underworld, vows to take the mystic sword from Andras, a weapon that allows his vampires to wreak their diabolical havoc in sunlight. Dagan will do anything to avenge his father’s death, and in the process, make the Sin Eater his slave.

Star-crossed love, sorcery, ancient myth and lore collide on a vengeful path where only one side will taste victory.

A stand-alone homoerotic full-length novel with suspense, werewolves and dragons.

Sin Eater One gifted with magic, able to absorb the sins of a dying person so that person's soul is free to go unencumbered to heaven.

The Vampire Prayer "Whatever flows through your body, flows through mine. I am in your likeness, he who feeds on the warm, red elixir of life. I am the dreaded vampire, a blessed composition of your energy, lust and desire. My day is the mortal's night, my sustenance their blood. When earth has witnessed its last day, I shall rise again and serve you for all eternity."

”There is much to love in this lush novel. Diablo's story is laced with strange Welsh folklore, history, and myth, as well as those lovely Celtic words.”
“This love story is electric. The story is full of ancient folk lore, as well as werewolves and even dragons!” 
“Vampires, werewolves and dragons thrown into the mix for this fantastical read.”

The imagery in The Sin Eater’s Prince gave this reader the shivers. The ultimate in romance played out as the men accepted their fate and came together.”
“Set in Wales, the story is full of action and drama from the superstitious beliefs that will keep you glued to the pages.” 
“The trials of life the sin eater accepted, the love of a 'just' man whose own darkness proved his virtue.”

Read Free On Kindle Unlimited

According to Wikipedia, “black elderberry has been used medicinally for hundreds of years. Some preliminary studies demonstrate that elderberry may have a measurable effect in treating the flu, alleviating allergies, and boosting overall respiratory health.” Read that last line again . . . about respiratory health. By now, we all know the COVID-19 virus attacks the respiratory system. I’m not making any claims that elderberry syrup can save anyone from the virus, but there are numerous studies that claim it boosts your respiratory health. It’s not going to hurt anything and it just might help. So I decided to give it a try. Below is my Elderberry syrup recipe and it tasted very good.

I ordered my elderberries from Amazon (click HERE) and probably have enough elderberry syrup to last me through the summer (and hopefully, the COVID-19 virus season) – and enough berries leftover to make a new batch of syrup next fall. So far, so good.

Soak 1 1/2 cups dried elderberries soak overnight in 8 cups of water. Transfer to a pot with a lid and bring to a simmer. Simmer for 45 minutes and let cool. Strain out the berries and put liquid into glass jars with lids (or one large jar) add 1/2 cup of honey and 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon, shaking to combine. Keep refrigerated. Take 1 tablespoon daily and up to 4 tablespoons if you feel like you’re coming down with something. During the VIRUS Pandemic, I just take a tablespoon every day. If figure if I get it, maybe this will help me fight it???

Keta's Series Books
(Reduced during the Corona Virus)

Moon of the Sleeping Bear, Book 1
Dark Night of the Moon, Book 2
(Readers compare this ongoing family saga to Sara Donati's Wilderness Series)
* Two brothers in love with the same woman; one,
the mother to her child, the other, her husband
* Set during the Civil War and the Dakota Uprising in Minnesota
(Read FREE on Kindle Unlimited or .99 cents)

Comes An Outlaw, Book 1
Comes A Specter, Book 2
* Western Romance with Ghosts!
(Read FREE on Kindle Unlimited or .99 cents)

Sky Tinted Water, Book 1
Sky Dance, Book 2
Sky Dreams, Book 3
Clean Historical Romance
* Family Saga Series
(Read FREE on Kindle Unlimited or .99 cents)
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