Thursday, September 17, 2020

Welcome WENDY WANNER & Her Book "A Twist of Karma"

 Hi all,

Please help me welcome Wendy Wanner and her new book "A Twist of Karma"

I can personally attest that this is a great book because I had the privilege of editing it for her. And, indeed, there are a lot of twists. I hope you'll download the book and enjoy it too!


When a grieving mother turns to an ancient Buddhist ritual for solace and mistakenly awakens a vengeful spirit, dark karma threatens to destroy everything she holds dear…

Struggling with depression after the death of her young daughter, Jennifer flees to a healing center in the Sri Lankan jungle. Encouraged to visit the local temple, she finds unexpected meaning in the beliefs of Buddhism. But it’s not long before she becomes entangled in the mystic—and dangerous—world of village folklore, and the slippery, transferable energy of karma.

Still, the jungle works its magic, and Jennifer begins to recover. Returning to Santa Monica, she rebuilds her life through painting, even opening her heart to a new love. But when her deceased daughter appears begging for help, and mounting bodies baffle the police, she battles to repair the shift in karma and free her daughter’s soul.


Jennifer awoke with a start, trembling with adrenaline and gulping for air. Panicked, she clawed at the cord tightening around her neck, working her fingernails beneath the leather necklace and tugging it back and forth, loosening the string one maddening fraction of an inch at a time. She drew a deep, shuddering inhale and sat up, disentangling the cord from her hair.

  She froze, her hand on the coin, an uncanny feeling of being watched prickling her skin. A muted form materialized in the corner of the room. In the moment it took her to turn on the bedside lamp, the presence melted into the gloom like a phantom shadow.

Once Jennifer’s heart regained its normal rhythm, she snuggled beneath her blanket and then laughed at her childish, nighttime fears. Drifting back to sleep, the incident dissipated into the nothingness of lost dreams. 


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Thanks so much for visiting today. I hope you love the excerpt!


Keta Diablo said...

Thanks so much for visiting today, Wendy.
Wishing you oodles of success with your wonderful book A Twist of Karma.

Wendy said...

Thanks for having me. I couldn't have published it without you. X