Monday, October 12, 2020

Please Welcome Awesome Author Daryl Devore!

Please help me welcome awesome author Daryl Devore. She's here to tell us about The Dragon Story, which I'm sure you'll love once she finishes her first fantasy book! 

From Daryl:

A long time ago, someone said the word dragon and the next thing I knew one started flying around in my head. I’d never written a fantasy. After many starts and stops and rewrites the story was finally completed. Now it is in the final stage of touch ups and hopefully will be released the end of this year or early next year.

Funny enough, today I wrote a quick flash piece for a writing group and I think I just wrote the prologue to my next fantasy romance.

From my to-be-released-later-this-year romance – The Dragon Story (working title)

Evil Queen (I won’t release her name. It’s a spoiler in the book.)

Tagline for the book: A prince. A dragon. An Ancient sorceress. And a heartbreaking secret.

Daryl chose this writing prompt I gave her so she could tell us about her book: .

The evil queen keeps a diary. Write her first entry, her 13th, and then her last.

The Queen's First Entry:

May – Year of our Lord 1015

No one knows. No one suspects. The power is orgasmic. He was a puny pathetic human. He thought I loved him. How could I? He would not even kill his king so that I could be queen. Revenge will be mine.

The Queen's Thirteenth Diary Entry

July – Year of our Lord 1015

Power is so fulfilling. To watch their eyes as they scream in fear. Joy fills my soul. I am evil. Nothing can stop me. I have killed all those who have tried. I await his attempt.

The Queen's Last Diary Entry

October – Year of our Lord 1015

Tomorrow’s entry will be the penultimate of all. I will have won. All will bow to me to or die. I will rule over everything and everyone.

Today, we fight.

Today, he DIES!

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Thanks so much for completing the writing prompt, Daryl. You did such a fantastic job completing the evil queen's diary entries. 





Daryl Devoré said...

Thank you. It was a fun prompt.

Ashley Martinez said...

Thank you so much, Daryl for visiting! We appreciate you stopping by!
~Ashley (Keta's PA)