Friday, November 9, 2012

The Formidable, Feared DogMen of the Cheyenne

If you've read Where The Rain Is Made you already know the novel is based on the tragic life of the Cheyenne Dog Soldier. 

While researching the facts of these courageous men from the past, I was awestruck and filled with sorrow about their history.

Below is only a short snippet of information about this oft-misunderstood caste of people. Yes, they could be brutal, but they possessed a profound love for the Cheyenne and in many instances, gave their lives protecting them. 

I hope you enjoy reading about the Dogmen. If you'd like to know more about their way of live, please consider reading Where The Rain Is Made. While it's a fictitious story about Meko and Cesca and the vast love they shared in a particular place and time -- it's also about Cheyenne Dog Soldier history and events.   

“They were the badest of the bad in their day and feared by all.”

One of the most important castes of the Cheyenne Indians was that of the Dogmen; warriors were united into a society which had grown so strong in numbers that it controlled a vast majority of the Cheyenne Nation. The Dogmen served as peacekeepers during many conflicts, defending tribes to whom they had been assigned. The society of the Dogmen eventually grew so strong in numbers that it became a band by itself, occupying the plate of Nebraska as their main territory. Over the years, the Dogmen had captured many of their enemies, which they used as slaves.

The Dogmen also performed many ceremonies and dances, It is believed that the Dogmen were responsible for nearly six hundred songs and legends.

Their duty was to stay behind and cover the retreat of whole Tribe, which they did better than any other castes of any Tribe or Nation. That’s why the US Cavalry called them Dog Soldiers, in respect for them and not too keen about have to face them. A US general called them the best Light Cavalry he’d ever seen and studied in all of history. This was a caste with inferior weapons and numbers against the cavalry and yet, The Cheyenne Dog Soldiers were a very formidable opponent.

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