Sunday, August 2, 2015

JESSE'S GHOST *Free* Ebook!


Jesse's Ghost, Part I is *FREE*

About Jesse's Ghost (A three-part serial novel)

After her parents die in a fire, Sophia Whitfield struggles to save Arbor Rose, her beloved childhood home. The Civil War has devastated the South, and another blue coat has come to steal her meager possessions. Before the hated enemy inflicts his destruction, she shoots him. And soon discovers the soldier is Gavin, the champion of her youth.

Gavin carries a horrific secret. When Sophia learns the truth, she's torn between a burning hunger for the man she truly loves and loyalty to Jesse, the man she was promised to in marriage. The despicable acts of war have changed everything Sophia and Gavin once cherished. Yet somewhere deep in their hearts, a powerful love resides, a love so strong and true, it beats the odds of impossible.

Praise for Jesse's Ghost!

“A complex, layered plot and conflicts add to this poignant tale of star-crossed love. Diablo has created a romance that manages to blend erotic romance, historical and many elements with a subtle maestro's touch.” Amazon Reviewer

“Diablo’s novel is a historical romance set during the Civil War and is an excellent read.” Goodreads  reader

“Keta Diablo has penned a beautiful, haunting love story full of passion, deception, danger. An epic war between the states novel that will leave you breathless and longing for more! I loved this story from beginning to end.” Night Owl Reviews

“The author pens a story that is unlike any other. I was torn during the reunion scenes and breathless during the chase scenes. I loved all the sub-stories and the minor characters that were such an integral part of the author's vision. This book makes you believe in the possibility of retribution and the hope of finding your brass ring in the last place you look.” You Gotta Read Reviews

“A story that has the ups and downs of a roller coaster and keeps the reader hanging on with bated breath. Simply captivating.” The Bookwenches Reviews



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