Thursday, September 24, 2015

Welcome PATY JAGER, Western Romance Author!

I know you're going to love this: A FREE Short Story from Paty Jager

This FREE short story introduces you to Dr. Isabella Mumphrey, a female MacGyver/Indiana Jones character.  I gave her some great foibles, like idolizing Indiana Jones and trying to use a whip. You’ll have to read Secrets of a Mayan Moon to find out how that ended. She also has a “survival vest”. It’s my hat tip to MacGyver. And she uses the items in her vest to save not only herself but others. Her inept social skills come from living in boarding schools and always being younger than the rest of her classmates. She started college at fourteen and when she was seventeen realized she wanted to be an anthropologist and began the studies and graduated with her doctorate at twenty-two.

Secrets of a Christmas Box has Isabella excited about spending her first Christmas with her Venezuelan DEA agent boyfriend. The two met in the Guatemala Jungle in Secrets of a Mayan Moon. They found their missions intersecting in Secrets of an Aztec Temple. This Christmas story takes place before Isabella meets with her aunt at the Hopi Reservation and becomes entangled in Hopi myths and human slavery in Secrets of a Hopi Blue Star.

Blurb for Secrets of a Christmas Box

Isabella’s plans of a wonderful Christmas are thwarted when her father hands her a World Intelligence Agency mission. He allows Tino to help her with the mission, so they can be together. As the days hasten to Christmas can she decipher the wooden cube she’s been handed or will her first Christmas with Tino be a bust?

Strong arms wrapped around her middle and Tino placed his chin on her head. “You’re making hallaca for me?”
The warmth and excitement in his voice swept her misery away. She spun in his arms.
“Yes. You mentioned how you missed this dish. I only hope I can make it as well as your mother and grandmother.” She placed her head on his chest and listened to the rhythm of his beating heart. She didn’t have a doubt in her mind, she loved his man. Had from the moment he teased her about the howler monkeys in the Guatemala jungle.
“You already have the main ingredient, love.” He kissed the top of her head.
Isabella tipped her face upwards and was rewarded with a knee-buckling kiss. If he kept this up, she’d be nothing but a puddle of needy woman by dinner time.
He drew out of the kiss, dropping soft kisses over her face. When he no longer kissed her, she peered into his eyes.
“Did I hear Alabaster yelling ‘Who is there’?” Tino asked, picking up a cooled cookie.
“Yes. Daddy called. I have an assignment.”
Tino swallowed the bite of cookie. “But it’s only three days until Christmas. Our first Christmas together.”  His brow furrowed.
“He said it was local, and it wouldn’t interfere with Christmas.” She rubbed a hand up and down his arm. “And he said you could help me.”
Tino’s hand raising the cookie to his mouth stopped halfway. “I can help? Your father doesn’t like anyone but WIA to work your cases.”
“He said it wasn’t classified.” She bit the cookie waving around in front of her nose.
“What is the assignment?” Tino popped the rest of the sweet into his mouth and picked up another one.
“I’ll find out when the package is delivered.”
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Thank you, Paty, for dropping by today, and for the FREE story. I know everyone is going to love it!


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