Saturday, November 28, 2015

#KindleUnlimited - 3-Book Trilogy (Time Travel/Erotic Romance)

3-Book Trilogy now available on Kindle Unlimited

Cradle of Dreams, Whisper of Dreams, Scoundrel of Dreams

* Time Travel
* Erotic Romance
* Read 5-Star Reviews

'Calypso' the calico cat is the vehicle for time travel in these steamy novellas.  The Dream novellas all begin in modern times...until the heroines meet up with Calypso, the time-traveling feline! Lucky for them they crossed paths with a cat who's intent on placing them smack in the middle of an ALPHA male's path from the past!

You can enjoy Cradle of Dreams, Whisper of Dreams and Scoundrel of Dreams through Kindle Unlimited now for Free.

Snippet of Review
"My gosh this author KNOWS how to write smoldering bad boy. He unleashes all his passion and it was HOT. This is an author to hunt down everyone because she knows her stuff!" 5 Stars

Dreams Anthology - KINDLE

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