Wednesday, March 2, 2016

This Weeks Word #Writers


A sound, healthy, or prosperous state: well being. Weal stems from wela, the Old English word for well being and closely related to the Old English word for well.

First known use: before the 12th Century.

Medical Definition: a red, swollen mark left on the flesh by a blow or pressure. Welt

Origin: early 19th century: variant of wale, influenced in form by wheal.

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About Decadent Deceptions:
* 35 ‘Five’ Star Reviews
* Special Content Alert: Voyeurism
* RWA Molly Contest Finalist (Erotica category)
* Red Carpet Review Top Award Nominee – 2014

Determined to win Morgan Gatewood’s love, Olivia Breedlove lures the decadent man into a game of cat and mouse. What began as a ploy to force him to commit, tumbles into a world rife with voyeurism, sin and murder. Morgan must not only beat Olivia at her own game but stay one step ahead of the scheming vixen once the serial killer has her in sight.

Enter L’ Amour Immortelles, an affluent brothel, where no one is who they claim to be, and no one is safe. Enter the world of Decadent Deceptions where the hunted becomes the hunter to save the woman he loves. 

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