Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Welcome #Author Andrea Downing - Come Love A Cowboy Anthology

Please help me welcome Andrea Downing to Keta's Keep today. She's here to tell us a little about her writing and, of course, to brag a little about COME LOVE A COWBOY.

1) So many writers say they began their career with stories about their ancestors or they wrote just for their own enjoyment when they first started out. How about you? When did you begin to look at writing as a profession rather than a hobby?
To be perfectly honest, I’m not really sure.  I know I was writing ‘novels’ in those mottled black and white school composition books when I was about nine, but I was also acting in every school play I could get into, as well as dress designing. I remember going into my local library, being overcome with the beauty of it—high shelves of carved wood and all those cloth-bound books—and believing I would read every volume there. So I don’t think I ever viewed writing as a ‘hobby’—it was always something important in my life, to both be creative and create stories other people would want to read the way I wanted to read those books.

2) What genre do you prefer to write and why?
I prefer western historical romance slightly over contemporary—for me, it’s more of an escape. In contemporary novels, you may still employ the problems of today everyone faces—jobs, relationships, immigration, perhaps even drugs or terrorism. In historical novels you’re dealt a whole different set of parameters to work within; language is different, the way relationships worked and/or came to be are very different, and so on. I like that.

3) What is your genre of choice to read and what is your favorite book of all-time?
OHHHHH, that is such a tough question as to favorite book, Keta!! My favorite genre is, naturally, western romance, though I’ll own up to reading mostly literary fiction.  However, that includes literary western writers like Ivan Doig and Kent Haruf whose books I just sink into completely. So, let me see, my favorite romance has to be anything by Maggie Osborne who I consider to be the doyenne of western historical romance. All time favorite book is a toss-up between Doig’s The Whistling Season and John Irving’s A Prayer for Owen Meany, which I consider about as perfect a lesson in novel writing as you can get.
4) If you won a cruise to any place in the world, where would you go and why?
The thought of an ocean cruise makes my blood go cold—too many people. But I’d take a riverboat cruise down the Yangtze River in China—I’ve never been to Asia other than part of Russia and it would be a wonderful learning experience.

5) If you could be anything in life (other than a writer) what would it be?
An actress.  I did a summer course at the American Academy of Dramatic Art and was headed to RADA in London but stuff happens…

6) We'd love to hear about your story in COME LOVE A COWBOY. Do your hero and heroine have obstacles to overcome before they find their happily-ever-after? What are those and how did they do at conquering them?

Keta, as you know, romance must have conflict so, of course, there are obstacles to the couple’s happiness in Bad Boy, Big Heart! She’s from New York and headed to do an M.A.; he’s a Wyoming cowboy and high school drop out.  However, in addition, she has domineering parents who want her back in N.Y., and he has a very ill father who’s dependent on him and his earnings. I don’t think I should be giving away how they do at conquering these problems, but let’s just say he’s no dummy and she’s no wimp.
Thanks so much for having me here today. I’ve really enjoyed it.

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Patti Sherry-Crews said...

Very interesting interview. I've enjoyed working with both of you and all the other ladies in this anthology. I didn't know you acted, Andi. Someone once pointed out the similarities in writers and actors in that both submerge themselves into other worlds.

Hebby Roman said...

Andi, enjoyed your interview, learned some new things about your background, including your "secret" desire to be an actress. Enjoyed working with you on "Come Love A Cowboy," and especially loved your story, "Bad Boy, Big Heart."

Andrea Downing said...

First of all, thanks Keta for having me here today.
Patti, I think that's a really good point that both writers and actors submerge themselves in other worlds--never thought about that before!

and Hebby, I guess I still have a few secrets up my sleeve.
Enjoyed working with y'all-- pulling together CLAC was great fun. said...

What an interesting interview. I do think creative types enoy other forms of expression --for me it would never be acting but I certainly always had a hankering to be a painter. Instead I refinish old furniture! I enjoyed reading the anthology. Still planning a trip to Wyoming. Someday I will get there!

Andrea Downing said...

Charlotte, I think the creative gene encompasses a number of things--though lord knows I can't paint a straight line! Glad you enjoyed the anthology.