Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Do You Believe In Ghosts?

Do you Believe in Ghosts?

Countless articles have been written about the sightings of ghosts ... or should we say, the invisible antics of spirits?

There's a hotel in the Midwest that's had it's own share of ghost antics and pranks -- the Palmer House in Sauk Centre, MN. The hotel is locally notorious for sightings, in fact, a 3-ring binder of several hundred personal accounts from guests and employees sits in the lobby for all to read. Several psychics and tv show hosts have documented paranormal activity in the Palmer House.

I'm on the fence about my belief in ghostly apparitions. I won't rule it out, however. 

Back to the Palmer House and some incidents that have been documented.

*  Room 11 and room 13 turn suddenly drafty. Adjusting the thermostat does not solve the problem

* A male apparation dressed in 1920s pinstripe suit with a derby hat has been seen seated on a chair near the window in Room 11.

* A pregnant woman tucks people in during the night in that same room.

* A young boy bounces a ball down the hallway on the second floor of the hotel. (It's documented a young boy died of a fever in the Palmer House in the 1920s).

* Employees state when they set up the silverware in the dining room for the next day's guests, they often come back several hours later to find the silver in total disarray.

* One employee insists the little boy's ball suddenly appeared in the middle of bed she had just changed. 

* Ghost dogs suddenly appear in the wine cellar and watch the employees work, even bark when they go in to retrieve supplies.

* Slamming doors are common and rugs have been shoved up against the doors making it almost impossible to open them.

I find it all very fascinating. The number of reported ghostly incidents at the Palmer House are hard to discard.

I love to write about ghosts. In my historical novel Sojourn With A Stranger, there's a ghost by the name of Lucinda. The poor soul was murdered, and only after her death, were the pieces of the puzzle revealed to her. Now she's out for revenge, and her soul won't rest until her murderer is exposed.  

About Sojourn With A Stranger 

A ghost haunts the halls of Stafford House. When Raine Brinsley arrives and accepts a position as a house servant, the ghost is determined to let Raine know who murdered her. Derek and Lyman Stafford race against time to produce the first male heir and secure the title to Stafford House. The brothers will do anything to win…including murder.

A dark, Gothic novel with romance, mystery, suspense and thrills.

For more information on Sojourn With A Stranger or to read the wonderful reviews, hop on over to Amazon here: http://amzn.to/I0tYJK 

How about you? Do you have any ghost stories you'd like to share? We'd love to hear them in the comment section below.

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