Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Crossroads 4-Book Anthology - #LGBT #gayfic

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Crossroads Anthology
* 4-Book Series
* Paranormal (ghost)
* Suspense/Thriller
* Police Procedural
* Erotic Romance

Crossroads, Book 1
After watching his partner die in his arms, Frank McGuire left the police department and opened his own detective agency. Life is less complicated, less stressful now...until he receives a call from his distraught partner's widow informing him her son has 'gone missing'.

Crossroads Revisited, Book 2
Private Investigator Frank McGuire is beginning to think Baltimore is a melting pot for serial killers. Another maniac is stalking the streets but this time the killer is targeting gay college students.

Crossroads Showdown, Book 3
Tough PI Frank McGuire agrees to help the FBI locate three abducted children from a small town in West Virginia. When Frank channels his inner spirit for assistance, he mistakenly calls forth a ghost.
Crossroads Shadowland, Book 4

A century-old ghost kidnaps two young boys, and gay-haters stalk the streets of the city. With help from a nun, Frank must enter another realm to rescue the young boys and venture into the seedy sections of New Orleans to save the man who holds his heart.
Excerpt from Book 1, Crossroads (Rand calls his boss, Paddy, to tell him a man stole the box Paddy gave him - a box that holds something dangerous or illegal).

Rand couldn’t stand the waiting, the suspense. He picked up his cell phone and called his boss, Paddy.
"Murphy here."
"Paddy, it’s Rand."
"Why the hell are you calling me at seven in the morning?"
"I had a little problem last night."
Long moments of silence passed. Rand couldn’t tell if Paddy was half-asleep or trying to digest the information. "What kind of problem?"
"You know that box you gave me? Well, someone broke into my room last night and took it."
A string of expletives left Paddy’s lips, then, "I know this ain’t April Fools, so you best start explaining and real fast."
"A man, a man in a black hood, and he broke in with a gun, said he followed me from the bar and wanted to know what was in that box."
"And you gave it to him? Jesus!"
"I had no choice. He had a gun to my head, threatened me." 

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* Warning! This series is scorchingly hot!


Janet Lane Walters said...

The group sounds very good.

Daryl Devoré said...

Looks interesting. tweeted.

Unknown said...

Looks like an interesting series, Keta. Thanks for sharing. xx

Kathryn R. Blake said...

Hey, I think the threat of a bullet in your brain is sufficient reason to hand over a box, especially when you have no idea what it might hold. Great snippet, Keta.