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UNDER A MULBERRY MOON ( #Western #Romance) @ketadiablo #UAMM

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Under A Mulberry Moon
No 1 Amazon Bestsellter in New Releases and Short Fiction Anthologies

We're celebrating our new release of Under A Mulberry Moon (A Western Romance Anthology).

Adventure! Mystery! Romance! Nine award-winning and bestselling authors present sweet western historical stories to ignite your imagination and feed your passion for reading. Let us sweep you away from your daily cares and entertain you with our sigh-worthy novellas set between 1865 and 1900. What a line-up we have for you! UNDER A MULBERRY MOON is a bargain! Preorder at only 99 cents before price goes up to $2.99 sometime after release!

The following books are included
Millwright's Daughter by Zina Abbott
Worth the Wait by Patricia PacJac Carroll
Ada and the Texas Cavalryman (Brides of Texas Code) by Carra Copelin
A Family For Merry by Caroline Clemmons
A Family For Polly by Jacquie Rogers
Comes A Specter by Keta Diablo
The Widow Buys A Groom by P.A. Estelle
Matthew's Freedom by Cissie Patterson
The Lady Lassoes an Outlaw by Charlene Raddon

Excerpt from Comes a Specter by Keta Diablo (A Ghostland Novella). Hope, like me, you LUV ghost stories.

     Sutter stood before Anya, a rifle cradled in his arms. He had the look of a heathen—long, midnight hair that hugged the collar of his white shirt, olive skin and eyes the color of grey smoke. Tall and well muscled, he looked a little older, but remained as magnificent as ever—as she remembered, as she had dreamed so many nights. He'd always smelled like a wild northern wind. If she closed her eyes right now, she could call forth that luscious memory, or beg the light breeze to bring it to her.
His rich, low voice broke into her daydreams. "You're not welcome here, Anya... or should I say Mrs. Fleming?"
Long seconds passed before she recovered her senses. "Do you think I'd be here, Sutter, if I weren't desperate?"
He didn't correct the use of his white name. "You have a husband; go to him if you're desperate."
"Lewis is dead."
If she had meant to shock him, she had failed. The muscles of his face remained immobile, and his eyes normally expressive eyes betrayed nothing. 
"He hung himself in the barn several months back."
"Is this where I'm supposed to tell you how sorry I am?"
"Guess not." Shoulders squared, her chin came out. "That might be asking too much of your cold, black heart."
"What do you want, Anya?" With a toss of his head, he indicated his growing impatience. "Why are you here?"
Under her breath, she added, "And I'm certain I'll find Lewis crawling back into his grave one morning."
"You're rambling, Anya. I don't know what about and I don't care. Let me ask again: What do you want?"
Pretense at this point was pointless. "My son is gravely ill."
"Humph. If my son were sick, I'd have ridden towards Butte for the nearest doctor."
"Doctor Metz is a drunkard and I could ride here faster."
"Pity, that," he said with a roll of those smoky eyes.
"You could help him, Sutter. If I ever meant anything to you—"
"Don't go there." He put a hand in the air. "That's a long time ago, a time I don't like to revisit."
Tears brimmed in her eyes, and for the first time since she'd ridden in, she saw a spark of something in his eyes.
"What's wrong with the boy?"
She shrugged. "I don't… don't know. Willie-boy hasn't spoken a word since he found his father hanging in the barn."
His eyebrows came up. "Willie-boy?"
"William, but I've always called him Willie-boy. I suppose it's silly…." Her voice trailed off as she held his eyes.
"Go away, Anya." He shuffled back into the cabin, his moccasins missing the creaky plank that had warned her of his presence. He called out over his shoulder, "I don't help white-eyes."

Keta's Bio and Social Media links:
Keta Diablo lives in the Midwest part of the United States on six acres of woodland. When she isn't writing or gardening she loves to commune with nature. A lifelong animal lover, she also devotes her time and support to the local animal shelters.

Keta's a bestselling Amazon author who writes in several genres, including western romance, historical romance, paranormal romance and the occasional gay romance. Her books have received numerous Top Pick, Book of the Month and Recommended Read reviews.

You can find her on the net at the following places:
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