Saturday, September 22, 2018

Comes A Specter is Available For Pre-Order #Western #Romance #Ghost

Howdy everyone! Howdy...that's how cowboys always greeted someone, stranger or friend. I kind of like that greeting. Maybe that's because my mother always says I was born to late. I should have lived in the 19th Century.

I tell her, "I think I did."

Past lives....well, that's a post for another day, and I'm seriously considering it. I've heard too many stories that lead me to believe 'some' people did live past lives. 

But I digress. I'm really want to tell you about my latest Western Romance Ghost release. Since I love writing about cowboys and ghosts, I think I'll start a new sub-genre (Western Romance Ghosts). lol.

Comes A Specter, Book 2 in my Ghostland Series is available for pre-order.

About the book:
Six months ago, Anya Fleming's ten- year-old son, Willie-boy, found his father hanging in the barn. Traumatized over his father's suicide, the boy hasn't spoken a word since. Now, Willie-boy has come down with a grave, unknown illness and there's only one man who can save him, Sutter Sky, a learned Blackfoot shaman known as Yellow Smoke—a shaman who was once deeply in love with Anya.

But Fate had other plans for Anya and Sutter—she was forced to marry Lewis Fleming, a cruel man who berated her night and day, and brokenhearted Sutter immersed himself in the mystical customs and beliefs of his People and became a shaman
As if Anya didn't have enough to deal with after her husband's death and son's illness, an evil, sinister ghost is terrorizing their ranch. Anya is convinced the spirit is Lewis, who apparently isn't done making her life miserable.
When she turns to Yellow Smoke for help, will he put side his bitterness and save Willie-boy? And can the renowned shaman dispel the powerful ghost from their lives and send him back to Hades?

What reviwers are saying:

"Comes a Specter by Keta Diablo will raise the hair on the back of your necks as she mesmerizes you, chapter by chapter, through a story of love, determination, and a ghost that wants them all to die. The history of the Blackfeet tribe is woven into the pattern of this story like a delicate chain, connecting the characters together. Keta has done her research well. The anticipation of what will happen next flows through her chapters like warm honey down a sun warmed rock. You think you know what will happen, but then you realize you never had it quite right."

"This story is heavy and rich and enthralling. It begs the question, "What next?" with every turn of the page. It wasn't just peace I was rooting for; it was hope that Sutter and Anya would gain the happiness they'd been so cruelly robbed of all those years ago. This is a story that I will come back to in the future, most likely more than once."

If  you haven't read Comes An Outlaw, Book 1, in my Ghostland Series, you'll find it here on ALL VENUES

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