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Welcome Katherine Smits #author The Sea Witch and the Mage

I'm so happy to welcome Katherine Smits to Keta's Keep! I read her recent novella, The Sea Witch and The Mage and loved it! I haven't read about mermaids before and didn't know what to expect, but let me tell you, Katherine did a wonderful job of bringing the characters to life. The plot was fast-paced and descriptive for a novella. I highly recommend  you read her excerpt below and then grab your copy at Amazon. You won't be disappointed!

Here’s an excerpt from The Sea Witch and the Mage. Get It Here On Amazon 
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Trigger Warning: Explicit sex and violence and brief mention of rape.

In order to avenge her twin’s death and escape the same brutal fate, Athenia must defeat the wizard who killed her sister, but there is only one way—enslave Thorne, a human mage with powers Athenia needs to overcome her enemy. However, she doesn’t count on finding him mesmerizing or desiring him so much. What happens when a shapeshifting mermaid teams up with a man who controls the elements? Can Athenia save herself without destroying her magical lover?

With a whirl, he grabbed her, turning her and shoving her arm up behind her. “What do you want?” Fiercer than he intended, his words came out in a snarl, deep and menacing.
She struggled. “Let go of me.”
Gods, she’s strong. When she stomped on his foot, pain shot through his leg all the way to his knee. Unable to maintain his grip, he let her go, but called upon air to surround her.
The woman hammered on the invisible fortification, consternation reflected on her face. “What did you do? Let me out of here.”
“Not until you tell me why you followed me.”
She unclenched her fists and smoothed her hair, her expression changing from a snarl to a simper he figured was supposed to appear friendly. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to alarm you. I—” She hesitated.
“What?” When his still gruff voice echoed in the small space, he winced. For a moment, she frightened him, surprised him. Flip-flops might not have been the best footwear tonight. In dealing with a she-devil, steel-toed boots would have been a safer choice.
“I wanted to meet you, Thorne Sanderson.” As she inhaled, her low-cut, gauzy blouse dipped, revealing more ivory skin. She must have noticed where he fixed his attention, because she exhaled and took another breath, treating him to the sight again. “Why don’t you ditch this enclosure so we can talk?” She smiled, more genuinely this time, as if amused. “I promise I won’t hurt you.” As though testing the strength of the unseen barrier, she mashed her hands against it.
He frowned. “You already broke my foot.”
The seductive simper converted to a sexy pout. “Because you manhandled me. An instinctive defense.” She plastered herself against the wall of air and squirmed, her silky skirt and top molding to her body.
His mouth went dry. Damn, she’s beautiful. “Huh, I restrained you because you’ve been following me.”
“Because I wanted to talk to you.” She pushed again, which nudged her blouse lower.
Any further and she’s going to fall all the way out. The idea excited him, and he
advanced toward her. “Why not introduce yourself?” Much more of this exhibition and he would need to dismiss the wind fence so he could think.
She chewed her lip. “I wanted to ask you something, but I’m not sure how to do it. I thought if I found out more about you, I would come up with a way to approach you, but I ruined everything.” Tears welled in her eyes and spilled down her cheeks.
Instantly sorry, he dissolved the barricade. “Hey, don’t do that.”
She hid her face in her hands, which muffled her speech. “It’s hopeless, I understand that now.”
Must stop her crying. I can’t stand it. He patted her arm. “Tell me.”
She sobbed again. Sniffled.
Impatient now, he blew out a breath that rounded his cheeks. “What is it?”
She dried her eyes. “I want you to take me on as your pupil.”
Surprised again, he recoiled. “What? Why?”
“As I’m sure you’re aware, I’m Nerei.”
He nodded.
She cleared her throat. “My name is Athenia. I don’t belong to a clan like most of my kind. After a disagreement with our relatives, my sister and I left. For many years, we lived on our own, studying arcane arts and helping the Elders as much as possible. By earning their respect, we attained the title of Sea Witches.”
“Okay, so you know a lot. Why do you want to apprentice with me?”
She clutched his hand. “I lost Delphie.” Her eyes brimmed again. “I don’t want to talk about it, but now I have nothing left except my work. In order to help my people even more, I want to rule air, earth, water, and fire as you do.”
Thorne pulled his hand away. “Impossible, we don’t bestow those skills on outsiders. Anyway, we can’t teach them to you, unless the potential is already within you.”
“You see? Now you know why I wavered about whether to talk to you. I expected you to refuse.” Drooping, she turned away.”
Not wanting to let her go, but unsure why, he acted on intuition and clasped her arm. “Wait.”
She wheeled toward him, her eyes sparkling with eagerness. “Yes?”
“It’s forbidden to teach you to command the elements, but we can help each other. Some of my herbal remedies might be useful to you.
Her smile illuminated the area. “I’ll demonstrate what I learned, and we can create new potions together.”
He nodded. “Possibly we’ll discover something to help your people and mine. Heaven knows, plenty of difficulties bombard us all the time.”
She peeped up at him, teardrops wetting her lashes and pooling under eyes the hue of Florida mangrove leaves. He ran his thumb gently under each one, erasing the drops.
She angled toward him and pecked his cheek with her lips. “Thank you. This means more to me than you can imagine.”

Author Bio:
Katherine Eddinger Smits started writing stories in grade school. While she raised her family and worked as a clinical social worker at four different Veterans Affairs Medical Centers around the country, she honed her ideas for novels.  Since she retired to pursue her passion for writing, she has published two paranormal romances and the third is tentatively scheduled for release in March, 2019.

She has also written numerous blogs and book reviews. Katherine lives with her husband in Homosassa, Florida and Falling Waters, West Virginia. They have a daughter who resides in Alexandria, Virginia and a son, daughter-in-law and two granddaughters in Chesapeake, Virginia. She is a member of Romance Writers of America, Sunshine State Romance Authors, Florida Writers Association and Outreach International Romance Writers. Information about her books, blogs, reviews, and other activities is available at her WEBSITE

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Katherine Eddinger Smits said...

Thank you so much, Keta. It's so nice of you to have me here.

Keta Diablo said...

Katherine, Thanks so much for stopping by with your lovely book THE SEA WITCH & THE MAGE. I haven't read mermaids stories before and I enjoyed yours immensely.

Wishing you oodles of success with all your books!