Thursday, February 7, 2019

Top Inspirational Photos While Writing A GHOST TO DIE FOR

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Today we're going to talk a little about inspiration. Some authors listen to music when they write; others must have complete silence. Some writers hang pictures near their desk of their imagined hero and heroine, and others make a chapter-by-chapter, detailed outlines. All of these methods inspire us to keep writing.

When I wrote A Ghost To Die For, I knew two things: I wanted the story to take place in a contemporary setting and I wanted a ghost to walk onto the stage. Needless to day, I had to gather inspiration from somewhere. I flipped through magazine and browsed free stock photo sites for ideas that would fit nicely into my story.

Here are some of he images I printed out and pasted on the wall near my desk. These pictures gave me direction, inspiration and an incentive to keep writing until I finished the story.

I hope you enjoy them.

Rooney and her sister take a gig at a Hotel and Casino as psychic readers. The pay is good and they need the money to pay off their little sister's hospital bills. Rooney isn't psychic like her sister, but plays along while communing with the dead. Much to her dismay, a ghost shows up in Rooney's hotel room after the show, asking for her help.

He convinces Rooney to warn his brother (who's just returned from Afghanistan) before the same men kill him. Rooney agrees to accompany Stuart to the family farm to warn Stephan (the hero in the story). You can imagine what Stephan thinks when this crazy woman shows up to tell him he must leave immediately! He really thinks she's bonkers when Rooney tells him Stuart is standing right next to her. 

Stephan and Rooney (with the ghost) are on the run! Before Stephan had time to leave the farm, armed men showed up at the farm intent on killing him. Rooney and Stephan barely escape with their lives. And now they're on the run....the crazy woman ranting about ghosts and the man who has PTSD from the war. And...Stuart the ghost, of course. 

I love a HAPPY ENDING, don't you?? 

At the end, Rooney's little sister is released from the hospital and is in remission.

If you want to find out what happens to Stuart, the ghost, and whether or not Rooney and Stephan find'll have to read the book! 

The reviews have been good, so what do you to lose?

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Sassy Brit @ said...

This is fantastic! I've just finished this book and I LOVED it! The characterisation is topnotch and as for the plot? I was kept on the edge of my seat throughout!