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Mindfulness Is All The Rage + #FREE book on Mindfulness #amwriting #amreading

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Meditation can seem a daunting task, can I do it? Will I be good enough? I can’t settle my mind to do what needs to be done. A common misconception about mindfulness is that you have to be into meditation, or have to practice long hours to get any benefit from it. Neither could be further from the truth.

A simple form of mindful meditation has you taking the time to scan your body part by part and acknowledge each part in turn. You start at the top of your head and end with the tips of your toes. Let’s say you start your practice and the first thing you notice is that you have a headache. The purpose of mindfulness is not to dwell on the fact that you HAVE a headache and to dwell on how painful it is, but instead to acknowledge it and to continue on. It’s not about trying to come up with the “right” answer or trying to fix something, it’s just trying to realize what it is and say, “Yes, my head hurts but there’s more to me than that. I am more than just a headache.”

When scanning your body there are many distractions that can come up. Kids running around making noise, cars honking, thoughts of things going on at the office, that’s when you pull your thoughts back to your body scan, not with reproach but gently and kindly.

Even authors and readers use mindfulness. When you take each word as it is written and focus solely on each one as it’s written. You can hear the silence from when the birds stop chirping, the growl that paralyzes you in fear. Everything you write, everything you read can be a practice in mindfulness if you take the time to focus on each word. Take this passage for example:
First, the birds went silent and then the bushes rustled to her right. A guttural growl sent raw fear pedaling through her veins. Had she flushed out a bear, worse, a mama bear protecting her cub? Her hands went to the straps around her neck, a foolish instinct that overrode the alarm bells roaring in her head. She slipped the camera over her shoulder, her hands shaking like leaves caught up in an eddy. When the scrub brush parted, a mountain lion strolled onto the trail. The alarm bells morphed into paralyzing fear. Holy crap, what is a mountain lion doing in this neck of the woods?
When you read that you could almost put yourself in that situation, it's as if you were almost there. If you want to take some more time getting into this story check out Season, Unforgettable by Keta Diablo.

Have you ever tried Mindfulness? In what ways have you tried to incorporate it into your life? I'd love to hear your thoughts and comments on Mindfulness, leave me a comment below.

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About Season, Unforgettable
Her land is not for sale, not even to the gorgeous man who saved her from a mountain lion attack. Both will discover that sometimes love blooms between enemies and sometimes it's even lethal.


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