Saturday, March 21, 2020

"I Just Love A Good Spanking" - #Amazon Reader

Welcome to Saturday Spanks!This week I'm featuring a scene from one of my
#GayFiction #GLBT books, Lip Service.

One reviewers said, "I love a good spanking in a book!"

I'm hoping you do too. 

After their recent tiff, Bryan took off for Japan on a business trip, leaving Navarre to worry and fret at home. Bryan is expected home soon after two long weeks of separation, but fate has other plans. Upon landing in the United States he discovers his outgoing flight has mechanical issues, and since there’s an enormous conference in the city, obtaining a rental car is out of the question.

Navarre is desperate to see Bryan and make amends after their heated argument. And what does a desperate man do? Find his own means to get to the man he loves.

After a lengthy road trip, he arrives at the hotel where Bryan is staying and has second thoughts about challenging fate.

Bryan has company in his hotel room!

"Lip Service was one of those wondrous little stories that packs great characters, sexual tension and erotic heat into a few pages without leaving the reader wishing there was more."

"Lip Service was naughty at the right point, without pushing too much: Bryan and Navarre, put aside the D/s factor, are a long-term couple that still enjoys being together."


The elevator door opens. Like the clerk said, the sign tells me to turn left to find Room 468. I stand in front of his door and can’t fucking believe I’m here, seconds away from bliss. I raise my hand to knock and . . . hear muffled laughter and voices through the door.
Bryan’s and another man’s unfamiliar voice.
My heart falls to my feet. Someone is in the room with him? How could I be so stupid? Ice rushes through my veins and a wave of dizziness nearly brings me to my knees.
Two can play this game . . . two can play this game.
I look around for something to throw up in, just in case I can’t stop the bile rising up in my throat. I spy a potted plant, but rather than douse it with vomit, I want to pitch it through the nine-paned window nearby. Bryan is in his hotel room with another man, and the visions storming my brain devastate me.
He didn’t mean it, not a single word—the apology, the I love you, or the part about missing me. How can he miss me while he’s fucking another man? I tell myself it was all lies, the wing flap problem, the National Guard convention, the whole shebang.
Pacing the hallway, I wonder what I should do. Knock? Barge in? Or simply leave and toss myself over the nearest bridge? What about our life, the condo we share, the Wedgewood and the fucking Ocean Breeze candles? Everything Bryan loves or says he loves. Are they all lies too? My stomach lurches and my gaze wanders to the Shefflera again with its plastic yellow and green foliage. Maybe I’ll have to use it as a puke bucket after all.
Yeah, I’m a submissive I tell myself, but not a doormat. I gave Bry five years, the best five years of my life. The anger rises from my gut like a geyser about to erupt. I’m not simply walking away, nor am I going to toss myself off a bridge. I decide right then and there, I’m going to confront him and his lover. Besides, I’m more than a little curious about what the man looks like. It seems important to me to see the stranger’s face and know whether his eyes are blue, brown or gray like mine. I must see him in the flesh or it won’t ever seem real to me.


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PK said...

Well now you've done it! I have to know what happens next. I guess that's the point. Great snippet!

Kathryn R. Blake said...

I agree with PK. I suspect that Bryan's guest is not there for a romantic interlude, and Navarre is going to feel might embarrassed when he discovers the truth, but I want to know more. Excellent, snippet, Keta.