Thursday, May 28, 2020

New Release - TRUTH OR DAIRE - #Erotic #romance

Hi everyone, thanks for stopping by today! I'm so happy to tell you about my latest release, TRUTH OR DAIRE, an erotic romance with a HEA!

About Truth and Daire

When the unthinkable happens and Cagney Kissler discovers her boyfriend, Daire Bembry, is a lying, two-timing cheater, she tosses him out on his a** and heads to Florida to mend her fractured heart.
The Villa Bay Resort is everything her best friend, Lily, told her it would be, and more. But the trendy, popular bar at the resort, known as Sleazy Swallows, is a little more than Cagney can stomach.

On her way out the door, she meets someone who shares her reservations about public sexual-indulgence. Evan might be just what she’s looking for, and even if isn’t, she’ll show her ex the true meaning of Truth or Daire.

Stand-alone erotic romance. Happy Ending


A muffled voice filtered under the bedroom door, jolting her from her licentious musings. Ah hell, he didn’t bring company home with him, did he? She tiptoed to the thin wall separating the bedroom from the living room. Daire’s voice, but whom was he speaking to?
His words fractured her heart. “No, she isn’t home yet, Molly.” Molly? Who the hell is Molly?
Sounding like a pig rolling in mud, Daire snorted. “Don’t worry about it; she isn’t here, said she was going shopping after work. Why don’t you shag your sexy ass over here and I’ll pleasure you like you’ve never been pleasured.”
Nausea swirled in Cagney’s stomach. God, he’d spoken the same words to her last night and here she stood, in the bedroom in an over-priced napkin that didn’t even cover her ass. Her pride stung, not to mention the acidic bile climbing up her throat. How dare him invite another woman into her sanctuary, yes, her apartment!
About to fling open the bedroom door, she paused over his next words. “You’re right, we best not take the chance of her walking in on us.” The lowlife yawned. “She’ll be gone in the morning and we can lay in bed and fuck every day away. I don’t want to lose my pay-no-rent life until we find a place together.” How Cagney wished she could hear the other side of the conversation, although, so far, she’d heard enough to make her feel lower than a beetle.
“Losing my place couldn’t have come at a worse time.” Long seconds passed until he spoke again. “You know I’ll get a job, Molly. How can you say such a thing? And you know I love you. Once you’re free and clear of that rich guy with a stethoscope around his neck 24/7, we’re home free.” His whiny voice dropped to a whisper. “Now, pussycat, I have to keep fucking her, but it’s just until we’re able to finalize our plans.”
I’m gonna kill that lying, two-timing bastard.
“Don’t worry, she doesn’t suspect a thing. She’s so dumb, she thinks the hamster’s wheel is still spinning and the fucking rodent died last week.”
Cagney clenched her fists and anger surged up her chest like a geyser about to explode.
“As long as I give her an orgasm now and then, I told ya, we’re fine. Hey, better run. I’ll call you in the morning. I love you too, pussycat. Sleep well.”
The hurt and anger had faded. Now she was ready to drive a nail into the son-of-a-bitch’s thick skull. This called for full battle armor.
She grabbed the door handle and stormed into the living room. Picking up the nearest object within sight, which happened to be a bronze statue of The Thinker her mother had bought her last Christmas, she tossed it at his head. Turned out, the asshole’s reflexes were about as fast as his ejaculations.
“What the hell!” Daire jerked around, his hands in the air, his face whiter than dental floss. “Fuck, Cagney! What’s come over you?”
“I didn’t expect a commitment from you, but I didn’t ask to be used like a worn-out rug at your feet either.”
Guilt must have caused his shoulders to droop. “How long have you been home?”
“Long enough to hear how stupid I am, long enough to hear that I think the hamster’s wheel is still spinning, and . . . and long enough to hear you tell Molly how you can’t wait to move in with her.”
“Cagney, give me a chance to explain.”
“What’s to explain, Daire? You used me, plain and simple. I opened my home to you when you were down on your luck. Christ, I opened my bed to you and almost opened my heart. And you know what you tried to do with my heart? Huh? You played darts with it.” She shot him a lethal glare. “Even a dumb blonde like me knows when she’s been a patsy.” She picked up a nearby book, a big, fat, hardcover and held it over her head. “You have ten minutes to get your shit and get the hell out of here.”

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